Del Potro: 'Roger Federer is the best ever, he can be World No. 1 again'

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Del Potro: 'Roger Federer is the best ever, he can be World No. 1 again'

For Juan Martin Del Potro, Roger Federer is not only an inspiration but a great friend too. Many times the Argentinean tennis player said that when he was out of competition due to the wrist injury, Roger supported him through messages on WhatsApp, and now that also Federer, who was out six months due to a knee injury, is back at his best level winning Australian Open, a comment by Del Potro about it couldn't await.

'I think it was fantastic for us [players] and for fans' Del Potro told ESPN about the epic five sets battle won by Federer against Nadal - I woke up at 5:00 AM only to watch the final, and if there were other players I don't think I wouldn't have done it.

From them you can learn a lot day by day, you can beat them too because they are normal (smiles). When you have a natural talent like Federer's, you only need to be doing well physically. If I managed to comeback and to do a good pre-season after a long injury, imagine him that is the best player ever...

I hope he stays healthy, it would be beautiful if he could compete with Djokovic and Murray for the first position (in the ATP Rankings).' ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'Laver Cup will be a tough event.

I'd love to play doubles with Nadal'