Tommy Haas: 'What Roger Federer is doing is CRAZY'

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Tommy Haas: 'What Roger Federer is doing is CRAZY'

Tommy Haas had his first year as Indian Wells tournament director, and he enjoyed this new experience. The German player was excited about it: 'It was a great, fun experience, no question about it', Haas said in press conference at Indian Wells. 'The whole leadup, buildup for the event, not really knowing all the challenges that are going to come up during an event. But it was a full two and a half weeks, probably the toughest two and a half weeks, longest working-wise that I've ever had. Then I still tried to find the time to play some tennis or go to the gym. Didn't manage to go to the gym once, so that didn't really work. At the end of the day when it's 11:30 at night and you're driving home, it's very tough to get motivated to go in the gym.'

'Had a few days where I could actually hit some before the tournament started. I hit with Alex Zverev and Stan Wawrinka, which was good. Here and there get a hit out there. Thanks to Kyrgios pulling out, I jumped in to play a little exhibition set, so that helped me to maybe actually not play too bad here. Again, it was a full hard-core time for me, but the team at Indian Wells and everybody did a tremendous job. I think it was a well two and a half successful weeks for everyone. It was great.'

Asked how he felt about giving the trophy Roger, a good friend of you, Haas replied: 'It was very special, no question about it. I know everybody can play extreme good tennis out there. I know how hard it is to win matches, how consistent and good you have to be. What Roger is doing again this year is absolutely crazy. It's crazy how good he is. For me being tournament director for the first time and obviously handing over the trophy to a close friend of mine is obviously very special, no question about it.'

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