Roger Federer hits a new 'milestone' beating Nick Kyrgios

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Roger Federer hits a new 'milestone' beating Nick Kyrgios

The match against Nick Kyrgios at Miami for Roger Federer was historical in some ways. The Swiss tennis played most points at the best of three sets matches on the ATP World Tour in his career, 270. Federer won the match in three hours and ten minutes, and this "record" of most points played makes it even more special of course.

Longest ATP Matches in Roger Federer's career:
270 points – Nick Kyrgios, Miami 2017
266 – Feliciano Lopez, Madrid 2011
262 – Olivier Rochus, Halle 2006
258 – Nick Kyrgios, Madrid 2015 For Federer winning was definitely positive, but playing so much - two hours and 12 mins on Thursday against Berdych and more than three hours against Kyrgios - is not so good looking ahead to the final against Nadal.

However he believes to be able to recover on time: ´Throughout the match I didn´t have any problems, and now actually feel pretty good, so having a day off now is clearly nice to have', Federer said. 'I could play tomorrow regardless, but it´s definitely good.

Maybe not a bad thing that it´s not best-of-five sets anymore in the finals. Even though, you know, knowing that I won´t play for a while, it´s easy now to just compress all the energy you have and give it one last push.

I´ll try hard on Sunday.´ ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'I could play against Nadal today! But it will be a mountain to climb'