Janko Tipsarevic: 'I'm not sure that Federer would beat Djokovic from last year'

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Janko Tipsarevic: 'I'm not sure that Federer would beat Djokovic from last year'

Very interesting interview by Sports Klub to Janko Tipsarevic. The Serbian tennis player is slowly trying to come back at a good level after several injuries and surgeries. In 2011 he achieved a career-high ranking at No. 7, and he also played ATP Finals beating Novak Djokovic.

Which was one of the keys to breakthrough? 'One of the stats that really made me wonder about my careers was that I had a 50-50 record with Top 10 players and my career high ranking was 30 and something. I remember saying to myself: “You are such a pussy, what is your problem? Why you beat top guys and you lose to others?“ There is nothing else apart from consistence and the same motivation against the players who are not at the top, and that is acting like a spoiled child: “If you put me on central court, I am going to be pumped.

Otherwise, I will be mad and won’t focus as much“', Tipsarevic. said. 'In the year when I broke Top 10 I had beaten only a few Top 10 players, but I was giving everything not to lose matches against players who were similar ranking to mine.

Perfect example is Carreno Busta; he is in Top 20 and I don’t know if he has ever beaten a player inside Top 20. Consistence is more important than flashes in one or two tournaments. Carreno Busta is now 19th, if the draw opens up somewhere else, he is going to progress a further bit and to start to believe that he can beat players like Nishikori, Thiem and Cilic.

But to get to that, you must first beat players like Dolgopolov and Bellucci... Then the situation opens up and he says: “Great, give me 360 points from Indian Wells“ when in fact he did not beat a single favourite.' What does he think about talented players who do not fullfil their potential? It happens 'because of that attitude.

In general, 99% of young players and unsuccessful people are afraid of themselves. They don’t want to set a goal and then not fulfil it, especially the talented kids and I’ve seen a thousand of them through my agency and academy.

I was one of them too... It is like they are not “cool“ enough if they give their best, I watch how they think – David Ferrer, that works all day, or Marin Cilic who is in the gym around the clock, they are not cool, Fognini and Kyrgios are.' He often praised Rafael Nadal, who is a great friend.

A few years ago the Spaniard player convinced Tipsarevic to go through a stamina cells treatment in order to solve knee issues. 'It helped me a ton watching Rafa. I will never forget Australian Open 2008, Tsonga is demolishing him in the finals, 2-0 and 4-1 in the 3rd.

Rafa makes a forehand winner, turns to his box and fistpumps. You see in his eyes that he believes that he can win. And nothing happens, he loses 6-2. Next tournament Rotterdam, he loses on a fast surface, but he still has that fighting attitude and dedication.' He also had an opinion about Roger Federer, who ´is a great champion, but one of the reasons he is in a position he is today is because Murray and Djokovic are not playing on their best level.

I am not sure that Federer would stand a chance playing Novak from last year. I am not saying this because Nole is my friend, but because that is what I really think. Secondly, I was told that this year was the fastest Australian Open ever, it was the first year in who knows how many that the courts weren’t resurfaced.

If the court isn’t resurfaced, it gets faster every year. Also, the balls in Melbourne usually get bigger as the match progresses and this year they were getting smaller.´ One of his biggest regrets is the 2008 Australian Open match lost to Federer 10-8 in the fifth set.

'I have beaten many Top 10 players and I wish I had beaten Roger then, it would have been a terrific memory, but it did not happen. I remember there was really a small amount of chances I did not use in that match. He had 36 aces in five sets.

I felt like I was the better player in the longer rallies, but he used his serve and forehand so effectively and he didn’t let himself to be drawn that often or backhand exchanges or something like that.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer won't compete again until French Open: 'I need to look out for my health'