Andre Agassi: 'Roger Federer can play for four or five more years'

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Andre Agassi: 'Roger Federer can play for four or five more years'

Last month Roger Federer signed a three-year contract with Basel event until 2019, when he will turn 38. Playing until that year would mean being on the ATP Tour for two years and a half more, but according to Andre Agassi the Swiss tennis player would be able to play also until 2022 when he will be 41.

Asked if seeing Federer still competitive makes Agassi think that he could have played more, the former American player himself, interviewed by Marca, said: 'No no. Coming back I would have probably called it a career before.

Every tennis player has a different career and each one has his reason to retire. In my case my body had told me to stop and I didn't have other choice. Also, I never had Roger's game. For me it was easy, but it seems that he can keep going for other four or five years. The only thing I can say is that when the end comes, it comes in a fast way and you do not expect it.

Something happens and everything changes.' Nick Kyrgios is probably the most impressive young player. In the last months the Australian showed to be solid physically, on the tennis wise but especially mentally after having some love-hate feelings for tennis.

Does Agassi see himself in Kyrgios? 'I don't know if you should make comparisons. If I don't remember bad, he recognized that he doesn't like tennis, so I give him credit to know him better than I do, because I would have liked to know it before.

It takes time to see Nick's emotions being clear, because he has the talent to win, but he won't win how much he could until when he won't understand his goal on court. He needs to be very consistent and when you have so many emotions it's difficult to do it for a long time.' Does he watch tennis on TV? Was there an impressive match for him this year? 'I enjoy much watching tennis.

I usually watch Grand Slams from the quarter-finals onwards. I saw Federer in Palm Springs and in Miami too. The match between Federer and Kyrgios was amazing.' His book "Open" published in 2009 became popular in sports.

Is there a parallelism between sport and life? 'Yes, it exists whatever you do. Tennis forces you to solve issues, it's an individual sport. You have to know yourself and challenge your limits, just like in life.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer plays tennis with Andy Murray on a flooting court in Zurich!