Boris Becker: 'Federer is the GOAT! Djokovic is struggling mentally'

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Boris Becker: 'Federer is the GOAT! Djokovic is struggling mentally'

Boris Becker thinks Novak Djokovic is going through a mental issue that started last year at the Roland Garros. The former German player, who coached the Serbian from 2013 to end 2016, told Sky Sports: 'You cannot lose your forehand or your serve overnight, but I think it's his mindset.

I think a lot has changed for him winning the Grand Slam last year at the French - it was his lifelong dream, and then you pop the balloon and the air went out and he hasn't got the air back.' Becker thinks players get confident seeing Djokovic struggling: 'The locker room doesn't sleep.

You see a weakness from a top guy and they want his scalp. They're reading his body language, and also getting smarter in how to play him so that's another problem. Once you've been dominating for so long and won so many times, eventually the tide will turn.

He's still 29 so he has time to re-arrange the ship and get in the right direction, but he has to do it soon.' He also spoke about Roger Federer: 'He started the year by winning Australian Open, Miami and Indian Wells, but we should not be surprised because he is the all time great and one of the greatest sportsmen ever.' ALSO READ: Novak Djokovic: 'In the end it was terrible, almost unplayable'