Rod Laver: 'Roger Federer can win Roland Garros title'

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Rod Laver: 'Roger Federer can win Roland Garros title'

Rod Laver thinks Roger Federer can be very competitive at the Roland Garros even if he won't play any tournament on clay before the Grand Slam. In a recent interview, the former Australian legend said he thinks that Federer will play there and that he can go far too.

'The way he’s playing,' Laver said, 'It isn’t a far-reaching situation for him to win the French (Open).' 'I entered into the French (Open) and the plan is to play the French,' Federer said a few weeks ago.

'I just feel like I need to be really hungry and excited to make the switch to the clay and I am eager to achieve something over there.' Federer may be able to triumph in Paris if he will play as aggressive as he did in the first quarter of the 2017 season especially on the backhand side.

'It’s night and day,' added the 78-year-old. 'It’s like he found a totally new backhand. (Nadal) has that left-handed forehand that goes into Roger’s backhand, so he usually starts the point behind.

Now he’s capable of holding up under the pressure Rafa puts him under.' Last time Federer beat Nadal on clay, was Madrid 2009, but this year he won against him thrice in a row, which never happened before. ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'The plan is to play Roland Garros, but I need to be HUNGRY'