Timea Bacsinszky: 'With Federer I cried 18 times, a lot of emotions'

Tennis - The Swiss player speaks about her idols and analyzes her win over Mladenovic in Paris

by Luigi Gatto
Timea Bacsinszky: 'With Federer I cried 18 times, a lot of emotions'

For Timea Bacsinszky, Roland Garros is a very special tournament. That's where she reached her only two Grand Slam semi-finals, in 2015 and this year beating Kristina Mladenovic 6/4 6/4. 'I think the magic has been happening here for me here always, like, even the first time I came here as a little kid', Bacsinszky said speaking about her special feelings in this event.

'Still finding out why. I have some ideas, but I'm still not sure if it's 100% this or that. And then, like, as a pro, well, it's the only Grand Slam I think I have never lost yet in the first round. Already before in my first career something was, like, happening here and played some solid matches all the time.

It's the Grand Slam which is, like, closer to us from the region I'm coming from, French-speaking part of Switzerland. So we have been following it quite a lot. If I'm surprised? I would say yes, because I amaze sometimes myself with, like, the focus I can have on some important moments during the whole tournament.

And probably the experience of being that I have been already twice in the quarter-finals and made it even to the semifinal once helped me a lot, especially today.' Speaking about his preparation for this tournament, Bacsinszky said something very interesting: 'I had the chance to practice with four degrees in Biel in Switzerland.

A couple of weeks ago, maybe a month ago, I practiced with Victoria Golubic and literally it was snowing on court. So heavy clay, I think I practice quite well on it, so I was ready for that. Today with the wind, this is something you cannot really order to practice with in Switzerland, but I don't like to play with the wind.

I'm not sure if any other player likes it. But I just said, anyway, I have no choice, and I have no influence on that.' You said that you've got some feelings as to why this tournament is so special to you and why you do so well.

Can you tell us a bit about what those feelings are and why you think you play so well here? 'I just know there is this fire inside of me, as I mentioned, and earlier this week, too, which is keeping, like, really burning, like, which is warmer and which helps me a lot.

You have your favorite surface. You have your favorite moments in the past on some tournaments. It's different for everyone. I mean, Roger, it was Wimbledon. Stan, I think as far as I knew, it was the French Open but Australia was probably something more important than the French the first time.' 'I really get nervous,' admitted Timea.

'This night I went to bed more or less at 11:00. I woke up at 4:00. Could not sleep for an hour. Went back to sleep. Woke up earlier than my alarm. My heart was beating. Like, it was a rush. Then I imagine I was dreaming or doing a nightmare about I had to leave the hotel room to go to another tournament, but I forgot some things in the closets.

And I had to give... I remember my nightmares and dreams pretty well, so I'm going to really tell you, even if you're not interested. But I remember that I had, like, three towels that I wanted to give to my siblings because I have three, but I forgot them in the closet.

So it was a big drama, so I could not get into the plane without giving the towels of the French Open, and I woke up and I was sweating. It was terrible for me. So probably if I would not be playing a quarter-final of a Grand Slam, I would probably not have this kind of nightmare issues.' Speaking about how she got inspired by her compatriots, Bacsinszky said: 'With Roger, I cried a lot, 18 times.

Lots of emotions. I'm receptive to emotions in sport, in all kinds of sports. Martina I talked about that already. Martina knows that, as well. At the start, it was a workload for me, a burden to me. Many people compared me with Martina.

Things would have been different if she hadn't had such a career. She was very successful and people compared Martina with me. It was an honor, but at the time, I was 16 years of age, and I didn't realize that. She's a friend, an extraordinary friend.

She gives frank answers, a lot of mutual love and respect. I got a message from Martina the last match, and I got a message also today. We get along very well, and we lived a dream together. That's fantastic. Regarding Stan, he's a source of inspiration, and it will be the case forever, more than any other Swiss player for all generations.

He's very talented.' ALSO READ: Boris Becker: 'Federer's comeback is best thing that could ever happen'

Timea Bacsinszky