Pat Cash: 'Roger Federer is the favourite to win Wimbledon title'

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Pat Cash: 'Roger Federer is the favourite to win Wimbledon title'

Pat Cash has very clear ideas on who is the favourite to win Wimbledon, the third Grand Slam event of the season that will start on July 3rd. 'For me Roger Federer is the favourite. I think he is playing the best tennis...

almost the best tennis of his career', Cash said. 'He's resurrected his backhand, found his backhand, or actually invented a new backhand. He's been incredibly deadly this year and nobody has been able to stop it.

Andy Murray is the only guy who I really believe can stop him legitimately. But there are always other guys who are dangerous out there. There's [Stan] Wawrinka or there's [Milos] Raonic, there's [Marin] Cilic, there's guys like that.

There's Rafa. Rafa is playing unbelievable, if he can translate the clay to the grass.' Cash was impressed by how the Seven time Wimbledon champion started his season, winning 17 matches and losing only one in the first three months of the year: 'My favourite has got to be Federer.

If he gets a few matches under his belt then he's going to be unstoppable.' ALSO READ: Alexander Zverev: 'Roger Federer my idol, he always gives me suggestions'