Rod Laver: 'Federer and Nadal would struggle playing with wooden rackets'

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Rod Laver: 'Federer and Nadal would struggle playing with wooden rackets'

Rod Laver was interviewed by La Repubblica and spoke about many interesting things. The Australian legend, who completed Calendar Grand Slam twice, was asked what it means for him Wimbledon. 'It's a magical place', Laver replied.

'But Federer and also all the other tennis players would answer the same way, I believe. For me Wimbledon is home: I am Australian, I grew up on grass. It was like going over the World and finding the same court and language, but with a different accent.' Today younger players are even more professional and serious.

It is different than the past? 'I don't know which is the fair answer. Today there is more pressure, but we had it too. It's a different mentality.' About Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal's come back at high level, Laver said: 'The wine is better when it gets old, isn't it? Nadal and Federer, did you see them? They got better and changed their game.

I see myself in them. I liked to play on grass. Then on clay I lost to Pietrangeli. It didn't go so well. So, to make them understand how they could beat me, I asked to play always against best players: I finally undersrood it and I won Roland Garros.' About younger players, Laver said: 'I think Kyrgios is blessed, but his attitude is not the one as a champion and it is not good for him.

It happens in many sports, not only in tennis. They are good but they don't know how to handle themselves. However Kyrgios is improving.' It would have been interesting to see Federer and Nadal play in the same Era...

'They could not play using wooden rackets. I joke, but they would really have some issues because you have hit the ball always in the centre of the racket. At the same time it's fair to say that now you have to be doing really well physically.

We were athletical, but these guys are so damn fast than us.' ALSO READ: Alexander Zverev: 'Roger Federer my idol, he always gives me suggestions'