Roger Federer: 'I was vegetarian Till I was 16'. About Having More Kids

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Roger Federer: 'I was vegetarian Till I was 16'. About Having More Kids

Tennis - Roger Federer says he was a vegetarian until he was 16 years old and countryman Marc Rosset initiated him into the process of meat-eating. In an interview with Coopzeitung, Federer says that he had never eaten meat until he joined the Swiss Davis Cup team for the first time and went to a steakhouse with his teammates. "At junior tournaments, you do not always have the best meat on the plate, so I gave up thanks until I was about 16.

In 1998, I joined the Swiss Davis Cup for the first time. That was against the Czech Republic, since I was still the water carrier for the team. When we were sitting in a steak, I ordered rice and salad. Marc Rosset thought I was joking.

"Hey, Roger, this is a Steakhouse here, you can not just eat green stuff!" So he ordered ten small pieces of different kinds of meat. Half of it tasted very good to me. Since then, I've been eating meat again.

Fish I learned more by Mirka. The pure fish taste did not like me at first, but by the many great sauces this changed quickly." In a wide-ranging interview, Federer talks about a wide range of topics including cooking, eating, partying and music.

Here are some other highlights from the interview - So you have to pay attention to your waist line?
Today certainly more than before. I do not train so much, but I do not need it. What is crucial is that I train properly, so that I can stay healthy.

Where is your problem zone?
Perhaps the belly? If any. What was the strangest thing on your plate?
That was in Paris, when I agreed to try everything. Also frogs and snails. Do you collect anything other than cups?
Aha, apparently, the questions about the food went out ...

In the past, we helped my father to collect stamps and Rahmdeckeli. Somehow he sold everything. For a long time I collected my accreditation baths, which I carried at the tournaments. Today, this is no longer so attractive because the organizers have already downloaded an Internet image from me.

And that has little to do with my appearance at the respective tournament. I used to be photographed on site for the badge - so it was a real testimony. What else am I collecting? Perhaps most likely shoes, because I have so many.

Do you want even more children?
This topic is certainly not yet complete, but we are not going to deal with it until I have finished my career. When is it?
I do not know myself. That is why it is currently good as it is.

All are happy and relaxed. We enjoy the time with our four children extremely. Now you have to decide. Would you rather be Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga?
Since I know Lady Gaga not well, I say Bieber. Also Read - Roger Federer Closes in on Novak Djokovic in the ATP Rankings .