Alexander Zverev: 'We will never see someone like Federer again'

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Alexander Zverev: 'We will never see someone like Federer again'

There is a 16-year difference between Alexander Zverev and Roger Federer, but they have a good relationship and sometimes practice together. The German player recently said he admires Roger a lot for his off-court: behaviour 'He is always fantastic and respectful with everyone', Zverev said. 'He always tries to help us, I listen to his suggestions.

He helped me at the beginning of my career and I think it's like this for all the younger players.' Zverev also spoke about Federer's current High tennis level: 'I think Roger is playing really, really well.

I think going into Wimbledon he's going to be probably the favourite to win the whole thing. So credit to him, he played an unbelievable match. Of course I could have played better but he didn't really let me play my best tennis.
His tennis is insane.

We will never see something like this again.' 'He messed with the ball a lot. He played very aggressive... I think he deserved to win', Zverev said analyzing his straight sets loss to Roger on Sunday. 'I think it was a very good week for me again making the finals here.

Of course I'm upset with the loss, but going into Wimbledon I feel very confident I can make a deep run there.' . ALSO READ: Tennis gives numbers - Federer gets closer to Lendl! Murray makes disaster