Federer: 'At the beginning I couldn't afford business class ticket'

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Federer: 'At the beginning I couldn't afford business class ticket'

Roger Federer is now a milionaire who won $104 million career prize money, at the beginning of his career he couldn't afford luxury flights or hotel, because obviously he didn't earn as much as now and his family wasn't rich.

'You to pay flight tickets, hotels, food, coach, strings,' Federer told Credit Suisse. 'It is very much especially considering my parents's economic abilities. After that I earned enough, I was able to pay a business class ticket.

These flights are an investment as they guarantee to be fresh and be able to play better.' Until 2005, his wife Mirka was working to keep relationships with the press, his parents and a lawyer were taking care about his contracts with sponsors.

That year all of them understood it was too much, and so Roger signed with IMG and Tony Godsick was the head of his investments. In 2013 they also founded Team 8, a company management. They have a clear thought and goal: 'If an athlete tells his manager, Leave me alone, I want to earn money, and he comes to us, we are not the right company for him.

If an athlete wants to work in an equal way with his agent, then we are the right company.' But Roger Federer doesn't think only about money for himself, but he also wants to give back and so in 2003 after winning his first Grand Slam title in Wimbledon he created his own foundation.

'I was thinking: 'I am in a comfortable position to raise money and make people understand that there also other problems than tennis.' 'It was clear that Roger could have made a difference', Godsick said.

'But he wasn't so arrogant to think that he could save the world alone. He knew that other partners needed to help too.' Roger Federer Foundation' projects are about kids, which isn't a thing happened by chance.

'At the beginning of my career on the professional tennis tour, tournaments organizers often thought about getting me involved woth kids. I understood that working with kids was so fun.' Federer's life is very busy, on the tennis court but especially off-court. 'The transition from having a certain role to switch to another one is pretty easy,' Federer said.

'These worlds are different. It's totally different to speak about philantrophy and tennis. Tennis for me is a daily thing. In the philantrophy world there are so many people who know a lot more than me. I am still learning.' 'Roger is a first class-guy,' Godsick said. 'His humility, meaningful actions, his behaviour.' ALSO READ: Alexander Zverev: 'We will never see someone like Federer again'