Wawrinka: 'I'm getting tired of answering questions about Federer'

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Wawrinka: 'I'm getting tired of answering questions about Federer'

Stan Wawrinka has the chance to achieve the Career Grand Slam by winning Wimbledon, which only Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer did among active players. But the Swiss doesn't feel he is really that close to do it. 'For the players who have done that, it's something amazing, for sure.

But for me it's not something I think about it', Wawrinka said in press conference on Saturday. '[Wimbledon] is for sure one of the most famous, one of the most special ones for many, many reasons. Because of the history of the tennis and because it's one of the only times you can play on grass.

It's always really special for any player to come back and play here.' Stan thinks several players can win the title: 'I think it's going to be a really interesting Wimbledon, that's for sure. It's been like that since the beginning of the year.

Roger is playing so well, Rafa is so confident and Murray is struggling a little bit, but he loves the grass, so he's going to be for sure really dangerous. I just think it's going to be a great Wimbledon.' Further speaking about Federer, Wawrinka said: 'A player like Roger, as long as he's playing, he's going to have a chance to win a Grand Slam.

The day you will stop playing, that's when you will have no chance to win. He is unbelievable'. He was asked several questions about Roger, which made him reply in a little bit angry way: 'I have been asked about him for ten years, I can answer if you want but I am a little bit tired.' In the third Grand Slam event of the season Wawrinka is followed not only by Norman but also exclusively in the grass-court season Annacone: 'I think it's great to have Paul with Magnus here.

For me it's more about my game in general. We always try to improve, always try to find things that I can improve and change in my game. It's been great so far. I'm really happy with him. We're looking forward to starting here in Wimbledon.' ALSO READ: Robredo: 'Federer is bestial. Now tennis is played worse than in the past'