Andy Roddick: 'Federer was intimidating in the Grand Slam finals'

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Andy Roddick: 'Federer was intimidating in the Grand Slam finals'

11 players were defeated in the 18 Grand Slam finals Roger Federer won. It all started at 2003 Wimbledon when he defeated the Australian Mark Philippoussis at age 21. The Australian knew it was a difficult match to play, and he lost in straight sets: 'He had beaten Pete Sampras at Wimbledon two years before, so it’s not like he came out of nowhere', the former World No.

8 told The Times, 'He won tournaments before that and he was one of the top players. Even though he was seeded No 4 at the time and I wasn’t seeded, grass is my favourite surface. I believed in my game that I was going in as the favourite, but he played better than me on the day and took it to another level from there.' Andy Roddick is the player who lost more Major finals to Federer, 4, three at Wimbledon and one at the US Open.

'He was intimidating in his own way', the American player said. 'It would be laughing, joking and relaxed before a Wimbledon final. In those same moments, I could have chewed through a nail. I didn’t understand it.' Andre Agassi experienced what it means to lose a final to Federer.

He lost to him at the 2005 US Open and described what it felt like: 'Roger is the best I’ve ever played against. There’s nowhere to go. Roger makes you play on the edge. You need to play the craziest tennis you’ve ever played.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'I gave myself the best shot for grass'