Adriano Panatta: 'The older Federer gets, the better he plays'

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Adriano Panatta: 'The older Federer gets, the better he plays'

Interviewed by Sicily Newspaper (Giornale di Sicilia), the former world no. 4 and 1976 Roland Garros Champion Adriano Panatta praised Roger Federer, who won his 19th Grand Slam and eighth Wimbledon title. 'The older he gets, the better he plays,' Panatta said.

'We can only shut up in front of this player, becauee there is really anything to say. He is still a phenomenon. Amazing, really amazing. He is doing really something unique and honestly no one could expect it. He is doing well mentally, happy on court, he hasn't tense reactions as in the past and he hits the ball in an unbelievable way.' 'People thinks that getting older you play worse, but often it's exactly the opposite.

Of course you may not have the explosiveness you had at 20 age, but if you are as talented as Federer, then age helps you. You are more experienced, you handle the situation better and makes you have things that allow you to play better.

You feel more confident.' Is he the best player ever? 'He is definitely among the best ones, a legend, then every Era had its own names, like Laver, Borg, Nadal is great too. But he (Roger) plays better than everyone.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'I play for titles, but being No. 1 again would mean a lot'