Andy Roddick: 'People still ask me about 2009 Wimbledon final'

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Andy Roddick: 'People still ask me about 2009 Wimbledon final'

Probably Andy Roddick's biggest regret in his career will always be the 2009 Wimbledon final lost to Roger Federer 16-14 in the fifth set. The American player was very close to leading by two-sets-to-love, then the match changed and at the end the Swiss prevailed.

'For better or worse, it's going to be the 2009 Wimbledon final,' Roddick told Baseline on Friday. 'It's the match people want to talk about. I'll be in a coffee shop and people want to talk about it.

People will tell me where they were and where they were watching it.' He still thinks that it is one of his biggest matches in his career: 'It's a proud moment for me. To go on the biggest stage and — I know I didn't come up on the right end of it, but I don't know that I could have played or executed a game plan better than I did for 4½ hours," he said.

"It's definitely the one I hear about the most and talk about the most and kind of think about the most.' It feels strange that Federer is as competitive as ever at almost 36, while Roddick, who is younger than him, retired five years ago. 'I had to be first before Roger and Rafa at something.

I think most Americans know that they'll probably retire at the US Open. I went into the 2012 US Open thinking probably another year or two. I woke up after my first-round match and just felt like it was time and I was retired by 4:30 p.m.

that afternoon." He also spoke about getting introduced into the Hall of Fame: 'You walk through this place and I'm like walking through my childhood with these super stars who were super human. At some point I was this eight- or nine-year-old who was obsessed with tennis and then all of a sudden 12 years later you're on tour and it's your reality', Roddick told Baseline.

'Now to be able to hang out with them in Newport forever is something that's just beyond me. I don't know that it'll ever be real.' ALSO READ: Brooklyn Decker and the shocking revelation about Andy Roddick