Boris Becker: 'Roger Federer would beat me at Wimbledon'

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Boris Becker: 'Roger Federer would beat me at Wimbledon'

Boris Becker won his first Grand Slam title at Wimbledon at 18 and then he triumphed two more times there. But asked by ESPN Brazil who would win if he played a match against Roger Federer, the seven time Grand Slam champion said: 'It's a difficult question.

He has been the best player of all time especially at Wimbledon, so he probably would be better than me.' Speaking further about the GOAT question, Becker added: 'Certainly the way he has been playing in the last 15 years, at the very top, stands up.

But on the other side it's difficult to compare generations. At his time, Rod Laver was amazing. We had amazing players in the last 25 years, but I call Roger the greatest.' Commenting on the importance of having rivalries in tennis, Becker said: 'I think every era has its big rivalries.

I think they are important for players, fans and tennis. Looking at how many time Nadal and Federer played each other, you understand it really trascendes tennis.' The former German player finally spoke about Novak Djokovic, who called it a season: 'I am sorry for him, we are still friends and I don't like to see him lose.

I still see his matches and commentate them. Nowadays tennis is very demanding, everyone gets injured.' ALSO READ: Here is how Boris Becker wasted his 167 million dollars net worth