Martina Hingis: 'I taught Roger Federer how to win his first tournament'

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Martina Hingis: 'I taught Roger Federer how to win his first tournament'

Martina Hingis will forever hold a great memory for Roger Federer. Alongside the 36-year-old Swiss doubles player, Federer won his first non-official title at the 2001 Hopman Cup team exhibition. 'I always say I taught him how to win his first tournament,' Hingis told CNN.

'We ended up winning Sydney too, the week after. There were some great moments we shared. We all know what happened afterwards.' At that time, they were both aged 19, but Hingis was a much more experienced player as she had won five Grand Slam singles titles already.

Then she retired for the first time at 22 in 2003, after having some brilliant years at the very beginning of career. 'In my case I definitely wouldn't want to change what I went through with anyone,' a honest Hingis added. 'It's a lot cooler than having to go to school.

I did education until I was 14 when I turned pro and then some later on as well, but I think this is the best education you can get. My mom always made sure that when we traveled to different cities and countries that we also took something from there to learn about.' Hingis has seen a lot of tennis during her many years of career, and she doesn't like the modern game: 'Sometimes I did complain that I want to see a bit more variety and a little bit of strategy in the game.

You see that more in the men's tennis, but eventually women will return to that. Once you are able to control that power, [you] have the variety out there again. Sometimes I think that's forgotten. Hey, tennis is a game.

It's not just sheer power!' ALSO READ: Toni Nadal: 'Rafael will equal Roger Federer's 19 Major titles' .