Roger Federer: 'I absorb losses faster and faster'


Roger Federer: 'I absorb losses faster and faster'

Many times people say top-level players get better as age goes on, but Roger Federer is a kind of exception. The 36-year-old had one of his best seasons ever this year winning two Major titles and two Masters 1000s, plus Halle event.

Interviewed by The Times, the 19-time Grand Slam champion spoke about the keys of his resurgence and said: 'I have more perspective. You absorb losses faster and easier, even though it hurts. You move on with it, you know you were well prepared, you know you tried your best.

Rather than wasting negative energy on something you can’t change anyway, you take it on the chin, you learn from it and move on. Also, I think I need to have that perspective of being a dad of four and having the busy life that I have.

I need to bounce in and out of situations really quickly to be able to cope with the pressure, the stardom and the travels and all of that.' Federer also offered an interesting opinion on Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray and others calling it a season like he did in 2016. 'I think that all of the guys had to take a break because either they are carrying an injury for a while or they are really not doing well, some have had surgery,' said the Swiss player.

'I think this is just a freak moment in time that it hit a lot of the guys at the same time. The US Open wasn’t quite the same. It was still a successful event — Rafa played phenomenal and four of the women in the semis were American, so the tournament was a success.

But you did miss those guys, it’s normal.' He exceeded all the expectations by winning the first three events of the year, Australian Open, Indian Wells and Miami. 'My plan was to play, maybe the quarters at best, at the Aussie and then take it from there.

By winning all those big three events at the beginning of the year, it allowed me to sit there in the top eight of the world already after a few months of the season and not worry about being ranked no. 35 if I had lost early in the Australian Open because of the points I had to defend.

It changed the entire mindset. Thank God it happened like this.' ALSO READ: ATP Stuttgart confirms Dimitrov, starts negotiations with Federer, Nadal

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