Marco Chiudinelli retires in front of an emotional Roger Federer

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Marco Chiudinelli retires in front of an emotional Roger Federer

There have been some special and emotional scenes in Basel early this week. With the loss to Robin Haase by 6-2 7-6 in the first round on Monday, Marco Chiudinelli called it a career. The former World No. 52 received an amazing tribute by the event, and Federer as well.

The 19-time Grand Slam champion, who is a very close Federer's friend, watched on the grounds - alongside his wife Mirka - the whole Chiudinelli's match. 'It's normal, we spent so much time together. I didn't want to miss this moment.

In case of a defeat this would be Marco's last match...I needed to be here', Federer said before the encounter. 'It makes me sad because I have been knowing Marco for a lot of time. But you should not be sad because we should celebrate his career.

I am happy that he found this moment. He is not 29 anymore and he can be proud.' They hugged each other and Roger cried too. 'I almost have no words', Chiudinelli said. 'So many people, who supported me for 17 years, came.

I only had some ovations in my career, It was something unexpected.' In the 2009 book The Roger Federer Story, Quest For Perfection, Chiudinelli had revealed some fun anecdotes: 'Roger lost to practically everybody in training.

He was the only one that I beat, but the difference was enormous. When it came down to business, he could flip a switch and become a completely different person. I admired that about him. I could give him a thrashing in training, but when we played in a tournament a day later, he gave me a thrashing.

Even back then he was a real competitor.' ALSO READ: Players and year-end bonuses. Godsick says Roger Federer not money-driven