Roger Federer reveals where he lives in Switzerland

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Roger Federer reveals where he lives in Switzerland

Roger Federer is spending several months of the year in Switzerland, especially when it's not too cold. The Swiss usually moves to Dubai during off-season, and in February when it's winter in Europe.

In an interview to Basler Zeitung, the 19-time Grand Slam champion said that when he is in Switzerland, he lives near Zurich. 'Since Thurgau is my wife Mirka's background, her family is there, and so we are connected to the mountains and Zurich.

But, I miss not being in Basel, and I will probably always have that feeling.' He doesn't get a chance to visit Basel, his native city, many times over the year: 'I would like to go seeing my sister Diana, my parents too.

I'd like to attend more FC Basel games and this kind of events. But this is what you have to do to if you have a tennis career. But I know that when I will stop playing tennis, it will be all different. I have an apartment in the centre of the city.

I already thought about it. But I don't think we will be living there. We are connected to the mountains and Zurich. We moved there. Lenzerheide is our house.' Does he need a Roger Federer Allee in Basel? 'Nope.

I don't ask for it and i don't want that people are pushed to do it. I also received some letters from people who say: "It must happen now." It would be a big honour for me, but also ok, if it doesn't happen.' Where were his four kids born? 'In Lenzerheide.

But they know I had my childhood in Basel because they have grandparents here, and aunt and cousins. This is my family They realize it. They also know I am a FC Basel fan. They also ask me if Basel won.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'I have to respect my age, I don't want crazy schedules' .