Rusedski says Federer took inspiration from Pete Sampras in changing racket

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Rusedski says Federer took inspiration from Pete Sampras in changing racket

Roger Federer has always been open to improve and change his game, adapting with rivals's Styles over decades. He also found help by legends like Pete Sampras, when in 2014 he switched to the Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph racket.

Commentanting on Sky Sports, Greg Rusedski said: 'It was very brave to change the racket. He talked to Pete Sampras about it because they both had the same coach Paul Annacone', the former World No. 4 commented about Federer.

'Pete always said 'I wish I'd change to a bigger frame' and Roger was willing to do that.' 'He hurt his back with Paul Annacone when he went through that change and he put it on pause a little while and then did it.

That's the genius of Roger. He's always looking to get better. He loves what he does. I remember at the end of my career he was walking out of the locker room laughing and joking.' 'I think the backhand has gotten better because I have been able to put in so many hours onto the racket', recently said Federer.

"And since this year, I feel super comfortable with the racket, and I think I have gained confidence stepping into it. I think it was the work that I had in [the offseason]. You never play 10 backhand-to-backhand shots, but in practice you practice those a ton and eventually they are ingrained in the system.

You need good footwork, because if the footwork is not good, you won't be on top of the ball.' ALSO READ:Guy Forget: 'Nadal apologized to me ten times. Djokovic isn't practicing'