Andre Agassi: 'Roger Federer can't be considered the GOAT'

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Andre Agassi: 'Roger Federer can't be considered the GOAT'

Andre Agassi seemed to have changed mind about the GOAT question. After the Rafael Nadal's amazing 2013 season and the apparent Roger Federer's decline, the 'Las Vegas kid' had said the Spaniard was the greatest of all time, before saying earlier this year that the Swiss was above Nadal.

However, in an interview to Le Matin, he gives a different thought once again. 'A player can't be considered the best of all time, if he gets beaten more times by his rival', Agassi said referring to the 23 matches lost by Federer on 38 played to Nadal. 'My choice is purely arbitrary.

I could be churlish and easily give an opposite wording, saying Federer is the best. This debate is not rational, it's down to 'and if...'. It's just a debate.' So Agassi doesn't really believe the GOAT exist, but if he does, it's more Nadal than Federer.

However he praised the Swiss: 'Federer is unique. In everything: greatness, precision, ease. He plays a very different tennis than others. He isn't facilitated, but it seems he takes control of everything and has a solution for any issue.

We can't deny Federer will mark the sport forever.' He finally commented on Novak Djokovic. His cooperation with the Serb is still supposed to be a short-term one. 'He has the 90% of abilities to be the best. He can do it also without me.

But I know that if he learns to do things differently, if he adds that 10%, he can get even better.' ALSO READ: Andre Agassi: 'Novak Djokovic had a fracture in his elbow'