Roger Federer: 'I get Nadal's point, but it's not the time to play on clay'

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Roger Federer: 'I get Nadal's point, but it's not the time to play on clay'

Roger Federer didn't play a brilliant tennis to defeat Jack Sock, 6-4 7-6, on Sunday in the inaugural singles match of ATP Finals, but he still went through it. 'I'm happy that I was able to come out and had actually good energy', Roger said afterward. 'This is the best I've felt since the Del Potro final (in Basel).

I'm very happy to see that I didn't have to pay the price for taking it easy and resting and recovering. I practiced just in the last few days. Now I think I'm in the tournament. There's no more turning back.

Just full steam ahead every match that comes. I think we're all going to start playing better every round that goes by. It's just still early days in the tournament. Can't expect to play your best against the best players in the world in that first match.

I think like I explained on the court in the interview, it was more about managing the match rather than actually having a certain way how you play and what you were really thinking about. Sure, I had a tactical plan with my team.

But very often in a first match like this, it gets thrown overboard because at the end you're just happy to be serving well. Focus on that first, and then on the return game sort of try your best, try to keep the ball in play and go from there.' Federer also had a funny comment on Sock "showing" him his backside before he hit the ball in the net. 'It was a big distraction because it was very big.

That's what I should have aimed for. That target was bigger than the down-the-line court that I had!' On Nadal being crowned Year-End No. 1: 'He was better throughout the year. He played more tournaments.

He was incredibly successful throughout. I don’t have any regrets because I feel like in my stage of my competition, my age, either it comes to me or it doesn’t.' Federer also commented on Nadal saying he would like to play ATP Finals at least once on clay.

‘Fair? I’m not sure if it’s the right word,’ the 19-time Grand Slam winner said. ‘But I think it’s right and fair that it’s indoors, as well. There are no Masters 1000s on grass.

There is one Masters 1000 indoors: Paris. So I feel like indoors also deserves its place, you know. Could it be switched up to clay once in a while? Yeah, maybe. Could we have more 1000s on grass? Yeah, we could have that, too.

Could we have less on clay, more on hard courts? Yes, it’s all debatable. I think it’s not the time of the year for clay, so there you have it. You can do indoor clay, I guess, but that’s a bit silly. But I get his point, and it’s a fair point.’ On the exhibition match played with Andy Murray in Glasgow: ‘Well, first, it was a great feeling to be on a court again with him.

I’ve missed him. Like I said at the press conference there, it was a great experience in Glasgow to do something good for other people, other charities with a legend of the game. I love teaming up. I think we could do more of it.

It’s just always tough to have those exhibitions organized, and where you place them in the calendar year because there are tournaments from January to November. It’s just always packed. That was a nice thing to do.

In terms of Andy, I thought, considering that he has been totally out of the spotlight, I think in some ways it was a brave move for him to just put himself out there, give it a go. Nobody really knew how he was doing. It would have been easy for him to just say, “You know what, I’ll have somebody else play.

Tickets are sold out. Roger is coming. I can make somebody else play Roger maybe. It will be still maybe a successful story. I think the fans were excited to see Andy play. He got great support, which I was happy to see in my rival’s home country.

To see him getting this much support was beautiful. I was actually happy how he was playing. Definitely, he can move better, he can serve better. We know all these things. For a start, I think it was actually quite encouraging and actually okay.

He still has a lot of time before Australia comes around, but only he knows at what level he wants to return to competition. But I thought he was actually pretty good. I didn’t expect him to be this good yet.’ On O2 Arena condition: 'From what I was told, they changed the speed last year a little bit.

I do feel it’s a bit faster than in previous years. I think it’s going to keep the results closer to one another. It’s going to be tougher to break. I do believe if you protect your serve well here, you’re in good shape.' ALSO READ: Jack Sock about Roger Federer: 'Playing the GOAT is a fun experience' .