Marc Rosset: 'At ATP Finals, Roger Federer was mentally burnt'

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Marc Rosset: 'At ATP Finals, Roger Federer was mentally burnt'

The former World No. 9 and 1996 Roland Garros semifinalist Marc Rosset thinks Roger Federer wasn't at his best mentally to be competitive as possible at the ATP World Tour Finals in London. Despite he had a light schedule playing 57 matches this year, after his loss to David Goffin on Saturday Federer admitted he needs a vacation.

Interviewed by Tribune de Geneve, Rosset said: 'I think Roger entered Masters being very tired mentally. With him, we don't have to talk only about the last 12 months, but about the beginning of the dynamic that brought him here, 2016 Wimbledon when he got injured.

He recovered and won two Grand Slam titles. Federer is disappointed because he obviously thought that would have been beautiful to won Masters, but mentally he was burnt.' Speaking about how ATP Finals went overall, Rosset added: 'Among all the players, the Bulgarian is the guy who seemed to be fitter to me, by far.

Looking at him, it seems it's the beginning of the year. As for the Belgian, he played a wonderful match against Rodg. And he surprised me. I knew him obviously, but I had said that he should have worked on the top part of the body to get muscles and get into next level.

Well, on Saturday Goffin surprised me in a phenomenal way. That's good.' Who has the biggest potential to improve? 'Alexander Zverev has an enormous one, that's sure. He needs to work a lot on the forehand side, he takes the ball too late.

He has to improve a lot physically too, as we saw in Grand Slams. Dominic Thiem could make progresses too, but you can't do it playing 26 tournaments per year.' ALSO READ: Goffin: 'It's not unfair to lose the final after beating Federer, Nadal'