Marat Safin: 'Nadal more impressive than Federer. Djokovic won't be back'

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Marat Safin: 'Nadal more impressive than Federer. Djokovic won't be back'

In a chat to Eurosport, former world no. 1 and two-time former Major champion Marat Safin commented on the old generation's dominance in the last decade of tennis and more.

'Federer and Nadal have been there for a long time,' Safin said. 'If you see top ten, it's still the same people than when I retired in 2009. But it will change. 30-year-olds will be replaced by younger players who are faster and will improve as time goes on.

Alexander Zverev has a lot of potential, but he is still too much young. In a year or two he will be a different player. He still sees himself as a junior, but he is not a junior anymore. He needs to trust himself and keep working,' Safin said before offering his opinion on main strengths he felt players needed to have in tennis these days.

'It's more physical and faster. Players have less time to think and that's good.' Safin also made an interesting comparison: 'Nadal is more impressive than Federer.

Roger had everything to have success, while Nadal is a real worker and fighter. For Federer everything is easier, even if it seems that for Nadal tennis is an easy thing. Next year Nadal and Federer will always be on the spotlight, while I don't see Djokovic coming back (at high level), for him it will be difficult.

Murray will have ups and downs, but if Nadal and Federer don't get hurt, he will not be able to do anything.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer organises special event to celebrate 2017 success .