Stefano Travaglia recalls his first training session with Roger Federer

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Stefano Travaglia recalls his first training session with Roger Federer

Stefano Travaglia has many touching and interesting stories to tell. The Italian player seriously hurt his left hand in 2011 due to an accident. Now he is living his best moment in career, as this year he came through the qualifying draws at Wimbledon and US Open, and in New York he also won his first main draw match.

In an interview to Tennis Italiano, the world no. 133 revealed interesting anecdotes about his training session with Roger Federer back in 2014. He was in Buenos Aires, Argentina, when Ivan Ljubicic, who wasn't Federer's coach yet but just a consultant in his big team, called Travaglia inviting him to be Federer's hitting partner, who was preparing the final part of the season.

'I had to play a Futures event but I don't tell about it: I was ready, but also far away, very far away. I still don't regret that distance in time. Ljubicic is like: "Take it easy, we do it all." I get off the phone, and within a few minutes I got round-trip plane tickets Buenos Aires - Dubai, besides the stay,' said Travaglia.

'I had to give rhythm to Federer, the day after I am on court and he is on the other side of the net. He launches the ball towards me, flat, comfortable, and I throw it into the net. He launches another, perfect and flat, I hit it more energetically and it ended on the court's enclusure.

Third ball, same trajectory: enclusure. I was devastasted. He was calm, I felt lost, he looked at me and was like: "Take it easy." And we started playing. We did it for two weeks. Now that I [am] finally play Grand Slams, it happened that I met him, he remembered, said hello and asked if I could stop to watch him.

It's tennis. When I know about other colleagues who are his sparring partners and I tell them about my first three balls I find out it happened to them too. Hitting with tennis history produces this effect.' ALSO READ: Novak Djokovic trains with Filip Krajinovic - Videos and Pics .