Roger Federer: 'The more you think about retirement, the closer it gets'

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Roger Federer: 'The more you think about retirement, the closer it gets'

Roger Federer had an amazing 2017 season, winning seven titles including two Grand Slams. The world no. 2 is appreciating tennis more and more, knowing that at the age of 36, it won't last forever. 'We will see for how much time I will be able to play,' the 18-time Grand Slam champion told 'My fans know I would like to continue this way, until when I will enjoy playing tennis and am able to reconcile my sports' activity with family life.

Any other success is an extra-satisfaction, especially since a few people believed I could win the 18th Grand Slam title.' Federer started to compete on the professional Tour two decades ago, and he has had a very long career.

Still, media and fans have been speaking about his retirement since 2009, the year when he completed the calendar Grand Slam and felt he may not have any motivation leftover. 'After winning all the Major titles, journalists looked at new things.

There are many speculations about my retirement, and they won't end until when it gets real. I try not to think about retirement too often, cause I think the more you think about it, the closer it gets.' Asked if his wife Mirka, a former tennis player, gives him suggestions about tactics, Federer replied: 'Mostly, she helps me mentally.

She understands when I am nervous, and she provides constructive criticism. She supports me especially about the organization with the family. Does she play tennis with me sometimes? About five times a year, especially during holidays.

When I want to have the racket in my hands again, it's up to Mirka to play with me.' ALSO READ: Marat Safin: 'Nadal more impressive than Federer. Djokovic won't be back'