Andre Agassi: 'Roger Federer plays tennis in a different way than others'

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Andre Agassi: 'Roger Federer plays tennis in a different way than others'

In a recent interview to Le Matin, Andre Agassi praised Roger Federer. The eight-time Grand Slam champion said: 'Federer is unique. In everything: greatness, precision, easiness. He plays tennis in a different way than others.

When I say easiness, don't misunderstand me: it's not easy. But it seems Federer controls everything, has a solution for any issue. With so many options, he has the power to avoid the physical intimidation that many current players use.

He knows that he can play elegantly, smartly, handle his efforts, take his time to get his injuries healed, learn new things and keep investing in his progresses. We can't deny that Federer will mark the sport forever.' Agassi also commented on the new Next Gen players: 'Their shots are powerful, they move quickly.

I see Kyrgios and I say with sarcasm: "What a shock!" Our sport is evolving phenomenally. Players are bigger, have more muscles.' But Federer and Rafa Nadal still win. 'Yes. The problem for younger players is that they are young.

Despite their speed and power, they need several years to be as mature as Nadal or Federer. Technical, tactical and physical maturity. It's almost crazy to see how these two men, but also Djokovic and Murray, have managed to evolve on such a consistent basis.' ALSO READ: Anthony Joshua says he would like to be the Roger Federer of boxing