Roger Federer: 'It's always funny to party with Stan Wawrinka'

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Roger Federer: 'It's always funny to party with Stan Wawrinka'

Roger Federer enjoys his on-court time when he competes and trains, but he unwinds just as well off-court. The 19-time Grand Slam champion was asked by CoopZeitung whether he liked to party or not and who was his favourite player to party with. 'It’s always funny with Stan Wawrinka. Or with Seve Lüthi. When he is ready, he gives full throttle. Whether the other players are party animals, I can not judge. You meet [them] more on the tennis court than on the dance floor,' said Federer.

He also revealed that he experienced a weird hangover after winning his 2005 US Open title beating Andre Agassi in the final. 'After the victory on the final Sunday of the US Open 2005 I had a problem. That was not so funny. I only felt fairly normal again on Thursday.'

Meanwhile, in a recent interview Martina Hingis spoke about her influence on Swiss players, and mentioned Federer: 'I feel a little bit like I am a pioneer because no Swiss tennis player had ever won a Slam before me. In this sense, those who came after me had a point of reference. It was a little bit easier for Federer and Wawrinka to win after me.'

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