Australian Open: Shot clock, coaching to be applied only in qualies

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Australian Open: Shot clock, coaching to be applied only in qualies

Australian Open will use shot clock only in the qualifying draw matches, the tournament director Craig Tiley said speaking at WestBusiness Leadership Matters event at the Hyatt Regency Perth, as well as in-match coaching at changeovers.

'What we’re introducing in January is an innovative change', Tiley said. 'Within 25 seconds the player has to start the next point. We are now visibly showing the rules. Previously the umpire used to control it, but now it’s controlled by a clock.

Coaching was barred and you got penalized for it but now we’re opening up and say you can do it. We are also doing what is called the match clock. So when you walk on the court you’ve got a minute to do the coin toss, you’ve got five minutes to warm up and then you’ve got a minute to play.

If you go outside of that you get penalized. Right now it’s just for qualifying for the Australian Open. We are looking at what other opportunities exist, leaving an open mind about it beyond that. It’s in partnership with the ATP and the WTA, so we are dealing with that now.' Tiley also added they are not changing the game, but just trying an experiment.

They will try new rules and then depending on several factors, they may introduce shot clock and other new things in the future. Roger Federer has been skeptical about it, and Rafael Nadal completely opposed to it. 'It’s a difficult one because there is a public expectation that we can influence some change', Tiley said.

'We can’t. We don’t have enough leverage to be able to do that. We believe that those players will turn the corner because it’s a long journey.' ALSO READ: 'I am afraid I have Lendl's syndrome': 16-year-old Rafa Nadal on his fears