Nico Rosberg: 'Magical and legendary to watch Roger Federer at Wimbledon'

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Nico Rosberg: 'Magical and legendary to watch Roger Federer at Wimbledon'

Nico Rosberg retired from Formula One after winning the 2016 world champion title, and this year he was able to enjoy life from a different point of view, attending several tournaments, including at Wimbledon, where he watched the final between Roger Federer and Marin Cilic in July from the Royal Box.

Rosberg was very emotional and in a recent interview to BBC he said: 'Tennis has always been a passion and I’ve always watched all the tennis. I'm a big fan of Federer of course and then finally Royal Box, Centre Court, [it was] wow! It was magical and legendary to watch Federer on his way to his eighth title which is one of the biggest achievements the sport world has ever seen.

You’re in awe of what you see, the English etiquette and the peacefulness. This whole space is just so quiet and you hear every little bounce and every little drop.' Rosberg also revealed he was a good tennis player as a youngster.

'I was in the Monaco national team as a tennis player when I was young and it was a really a potential career route at one point. My mum was encouraging me that way and my dad more to the racing, funnily enough! But then I chose racing.' Story by IB Times ALSO READ: Swiss Deaf Society names Roger Federer as 'Sign of the Year'