Roger Federer: 'Nick Kyrgios still needs to work much more than he is'

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Roger Federer: 'Nick Kyrgios still needs to work much more than he is'

Roger Federer attended a Jura (coffee company) event on Wesnesday in Melbourne, and he spoke about several interesting things. As always, when he in Australia, he gets asked about the biggest country's hope, Nick Kyrgios. 'He is really a nice guy,' Federer recognized. 'He's incredibly talented, we had a great match in Miami last year and also at the Laver Cup. He is a great guy, he goes through his things when he needs to go through, but when he is on, he is on, he is very difficult to beat.  It seems like he’s doing the right things otherwise he wouldn’t be winning tournaments, especially not in Brisbane because being able to cope with the pressure at home is not a simple thing. It took me a long time to win my hometown tournament (in Basel) so it’s a great start to his career and there’s a lot more to come. Similar to my challenge, for him it’s day to day and then week by week, can you keep it up? For me, it’s because of me getting older. For him it’s maybe in his mind and his body because he still needs to work much more than he currently is.'

Speaking about the differences in 2018 as compared to 2017 when he was coming from a six-month break, Federer added: 'Last year expectations were not there, it was just about being happy to be in Australia. As I said before the tournament, any result was a good one as long as I can leave Australia healthy, that'd be a big win for me.'

Federer also gave a glimpse of his off-court life with his family. 'It's just an incredible situation now, travelling with our four kids, with my wife is incredible to keep doing it because in my vision, in my dreams that I had when I was a little boy, I didn't have the vision to look up to the player's box and see four kids potentially, a coach, physio. I didn't see that, so that's why it's surreal and fun,' he said.

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