Rod Laver says Federer is the GOAT, makes interesting comparison with Nadal

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Rod Laver says Federer is the GOAT, makes interesting comparison with Nadal

Rod Laver often said that Roger Federer is the greatest tennis player of all time, but this time he offered a very interesting view on why he really is the GOAT. 'For me, I think Roger Federer is certainly the greatest player that has come along', said Laver, who watched the Swiss winning the Australian Open live, also getting emotional during the prize ceremony.

'Yes, we’ve got lots of great players — look at (Rafael) Nadal with a record that says ‘I’ve just won 10 French Opens’, and you can’t sort of push that under the mat. But I think Roger plays his greatest tennis on the big occasions, on any surface.' 'He’s stood the test of time — that’s probably the one thing that puts you in that category of the best ever.

That’s one of the things that he has done. He loves the game, and everything he does around his life is somewhere related to all the great things he has done. It’s just unusual to see a wonderful champion like that be able to win at age 36 after seven tough matches.

You just marvel at his tenacity and his floating ability on the court. He just seems like he’s floating all around the court — he’s not running. That’s something else. I marvel at the age of 36 to be playing, which I think in many ways is the best tennis that he’s played.' 'A few years ago he didn’t have that same backhand that he has now, his volleying ability at the net and around the court is always…you say to people ‘where did he learn all this?’, because when he was younger he stayed at the baseline.

Now he’s shortening the points and that’s the difference in being able to hold your fitness level and have your legs strong for a long match. I thought last night…his forehand seemed to be just magical for the first two sets.

It was something that you look at and think ‘how long can he do this?’. It’s pretty taxing on your energy level to play tennis at the top level.' ALSO READ: Luthi says he was worried about Roger Federer losing Australian Open final