Tony Roche: 'Roger Federer doesn’t take anything out of himself'

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Tony Roche: 'Roger Federer doesn’t take anything out of himself'

After his Australian Open semi-final win over Hyeon Chung, Roger Federer had said that the path to reach a Grand Slam final was always long and tricky. That's what also Tony Roche, his coach from 2005 to 2007, tried to teach him when Federer was still at the beginning of his career. 'I just tried to instil in Roger that to win slams, obviously, you got to win seven matches and sometimes you gotta win in five (sets),' Roche said.

'Not being in great form shouldn’t be an excuse. Our practice sessions were pretty full on and I like to think he enjoyed that, he didn’t complain.' Roche thinks Federer still has much to give to tennis.

'Why not? I think last year, some of the matches that he’s played, were some of the best matches he’s played. He made a really smart move changing to a larger racquet — that helped him. Look, Roger’s not lucky but to go through your tennis career and not have major injuries is a testament to the way he plays.

Roger doesn’t take anything out of himself with the way he plays. It’s a little bit like the way Kenny Rosewall played. He went and played until he was 42 years old or something. Roger is so fluent and I don’t think Ken had any major injuries until maybe right at the end.

Whereas a lot of the guys, the way they play puts so much pressure on their bodies. With Roger, he plays the way the game should be played — the Australian way.' ALSO READ: Bernard Tomic's girl-friend finds out about split through newspaper