Roger Federer brushes away retirement talk: 'There is still time'

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Roger Federer brushes away retirement talk: 'There is still time'

Roger Federer is enjoying playing tennis more than ever, and he doesn't want to think about retirement yet. In recent years, the Swiss had some tough moments: in 2013 he had a bad season where he was affected by a back injury, while in 2016 he underwent surgery for the first time ever, and then had to stop competing for six months to recover.

Now that he is healthy, the 20-time Grand Slam winner plans to play for some more time on the professional tour. Interviewed by L'Equipe, Federer was asked whether it would be him or his body which will decide on his retirement.

To this, Federer said, 'I hope, I will decide on it. And, honestly, I think it will happen. Unless I seriously get hurt, obviously. But you think: "You know what, the body has done enough, I want to save it for later", which is always the goal.

I won't overplay, I won't play six tournaments in a row at the end of the year.' Has he thought about retirement? '(I haven't thought) about the last match, I'd rather think about the situation, after the match point.

In 2017, I saw Marco Chiudinelli retiring, I was there for his last match. I was very touched in seeing him because I have known his parents since I was eight, and I know what it means to them. They were there, and all his former coaches too.

Any player who sees this kind of things imagines the end. It's normal. But nothing more. I may choose the place, I may not. Will I announce it or not? I leave all this aside and I tell myself that there is still time.' ALSO READ: Rafa Nadal: 'I congratulated Roger Federer privately'