Roger Federer reveals how he would play against himself

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Roger Federer reveals how he would play against himself

Roger Federer's campaign in Rotterdam couldn't start better and faster. The Swiss player dismissed Ruben Bemelmans in straight sets, 6-1 6-2, in just 46 minutes. '[It was] very surprising how good things went today', Federer recognized in press conference. 'I think the key was to start off well and put Ruben (Bemelmans) under pressure right away and make him feel like he had to do something special.' Analyzing his upcoming second round against Philipp Kohlschreiber, Federer added: 'It's a different match, changing from lefty to righty.

I just hope I can play a good match. It is a sprint to the finish. The beginning will be crucial tomorrow, you don't want to fall behind, you want to stay focussed all the way. Any lapses could mean that you get in trouble.

But, I enjoy playing against Philipp (Kohlschreiber), I played really good against him at the US Open so I hope I can keep that up tomorrow night.' In Rotterdam he is just with Ivan Ljubicic and his fitness trainer and manager.

His whole family remained in Switzerland. 'I don’t love it but it's all good. And it's Valentine Day as well. It was romantic with Bemelmans on court today… I’ve had more romantic Valentine Days, I tell you!' About his goals: 'I like to win titles being on a Tour.

Being at one hundred would be an extremely cool number. Here I am at 96. World No.1 would be very special. Good matches, good feelings, good vibes. You need to have goals when you want to be succesful." About getting back to No.1 and his family: 'The girls might be excited.

I don't even know if they know I can become 1 one this week. It's for my team. It is more for everyone who helped me come back. Coaches go way back, it would be a massive achievement for them.' Federer was also asked by Ziggo Sport how he would play against himself: 'I think it is important to play aggressive.

I guess you don’t want to give myself too much time. You want to mix it up as much as you can. I think and I’d like to see from any opponent against any top guy, just try stuff out there. Don’t just accept that the other guy is better.

Totally play out of your comfort zone, have fun, try things out, believe you can still win. I just sometimes feel not tonight but just in general sometimes some guys just accept the fact they have one game and if that doesn’t work, it just doesn’t work.

I feel like in the olden days in the '90s, '80s, you would serve and volley, you would make the opponent feel uncomfortable and today because we have so many baselines, they don’t do it enough. I don’t know if they can’t but I do believe that with all the power that’s in the games, there is still too for these dangerous players.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer trains in Rotterdam, to play Bemelmans in first round