Roger Federer says he doesn't think 'he's the best player in the world'

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Roger Federer says he doesn't think 'he's the best player in the world'

Roger Federer will turn 37 in August, but he isn't thinking about retirement yet. By the time 2020 Olympics in Tokyo start, he will be 39 and he may still be there competing. Federer is, however, yet to decide fully on this as he indicated in a recent interview with The Guardian.

'It’s not like with Rio [in 2016], where it was really something I set myself as a goal,' said Federer. 'If I’m still playing, great. But I’m not saying I have to play one more [Olympics] before I retire.

If it happens, then it makes sense for me to go play, but it’s too far away. I don’t know what happens then. We’ll see if it works and makes sense. I haven’t put it on the table. It’s not a discussion point, let’s put it that way.

When the time is right, I’ll talk about it – and see how I feel in that year. When is it? 2020? It’s so far away. There’s no point to discuss it. Why not – it would be nice ... but I can’t tell you for sure, or not for sure.' Is he the best player ever? 'I don't wake up thinking that I am the best player in the world, I don't feel comfortable with it, and it's not true either, I am still playing and we will never know who will come after me.

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