'It's 50-50': Roger Federer still thinking about playing Dubai!

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'It's 50-50': Roger Federer still thinking about playing Dubai!

Roger Federer is still contemplating playing the Dubai Open after the ABN Amro Open in Rotterdam. Earlier on Friday, it seemed as though Federer had decided that he wouldn't play in Dubai, but according to the tournament director Salah Talhak has clarified that Federer is still unsure about playing in Dubai.

'It's like 50-50,' Talhak told Khaleej Times. 'We are still hoping that he will come because you know he loves Dubai and Dubai Duty-Free.

His first career title came in Milan and that tournament was owned by Dubai Duty-Free. So it's always on his mind. And he has been good to Dubai and Dubai has been good to him. But sometimes we can't push beyond the borders.

He is a human being and he has his priorities.' This year, the tournament will feature the Spidercam. In addition, Court One will also have Hawk-Eye. 'It's very important for us to have Hawk-Eye on Court One,' Talhak recognized.

'And the Spiderdam on Centre Court will give different views and different angles. So watching the matches will be even more exciting for the fans.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'Rafael Nadal should come here.

I am lonely...' .