Marc Rosset: 'Roger Federer is almost Mr. Everybody'

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Marc Rosset: 'Roger Federer is almost Mr. Everybody'

Winner of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and former captain of the Swiss Davis Cup team Marc Rosset commented on Roger Federer's journey to become the world no. 1 again. 'I see it as an absolute prize for his tenacity,' Rosset told L'Equipe.

'When he lost to (Novak) Djokovic, he wasn't that far and people said that he wouldn't win anymore and that it was the end. The guy kept trying to find solutions and this shows he was right.' When asked if Federer had been troubled by skepticism about his comeback, Rosset shared, 'I asked him the same question after Lille (2014 Davis Cup final) on the aeroplane.

He said, "They wrote so many beautiful things on me that it doesn't matter if it's a little bit worse now." He is always living the moment, except when he is making his schedule. He is not different. He is absolutely normal.

In his behaviour, he is almost Mr Everybody.' What does surprise you? 'He doesn't surprise me. I always said that he would win a Grand Slam. So I don't say, "Wow"'. ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: 'I won't fight to be No.

1 again. Federer did better than me' .