Robert Federer: 'No. 1 spot is probably THE milestone of Roger's career'

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Robert Federer: 'No. 1 spot is probably THE milestone of Roger's career'

Robert Federer followed from his home in Switzerland with his wife Lynette their son Roger Federer's comeback to the first ranking position. The 71-year-old was surprised by the popularity that the quarter-finals win over Robin Haase in Rotterdam had.

Through this match, Federer officially became world No. 1 again. 'This is only an ATP 500, not a Slam. Yet, the attention was enormous: I received a thrice bigger number of messages, emails and calls from Europe, United States, Africa and Australia than when he won Wimbledon or Australian Open', Robert told Blick, adding that he doesn't know for how much time Roger will be on the throne.

'Maybe only for a few weeks. If (Rafael) Nadal plays well in Acapulco, it will quickly finish'. In truth, even if the Spaniard triumphs in Mexico next week, he won't be able to overcome Federer. His 97th career-title is just the addition of a puzzle started more than a year ago with the win in Melbourne: 'It's definitely great', Robert remarked about the historical achievement.

'The first ranking position has always been important to Roger. I already congratulated him through mobile phone, we are always in contact.' Federer also beat Andre Agassi's record (the American was 33 aged) as the oldest No.

1. 'Thanks to the team that always reacted and analyzed correctly, Roger now beat him. This is probably THE milestone of his career.' ALSO READ: The Roger Federer effect: record attendance in Rotterdam