Paul Annacone reveals text messages with Roger Federer

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Paul Annacone reveals text messages with Roger Federer

Paul Annacone coached Roger Federer for three years, from 2010 to 2013, but he is still in contact with the Swiss player, whose has won nine titles and regained his place at the top of the ATP ranking since his comeback from his knee injury at the start of 2017.

'We’ve been in touch with the virtues of social media and a couple little texts, he’s so excited,' Annacone revealed while during commentary on Tennis Channel. 'The guy loves to play tennis still.

I mean it’s amazing to me and every little accomplishment and great accomplishment he takes so much joy.' He also added, 'His humility, class, grace and sense of what is truly important in life resonate today.

So, while tennis and sports are a welcomed escape from life's harsh realities – it is not the athletic prowess of people like Roger Federer that transcend history it is the delivery of their talents and their message that set the tone that can cross boundaries and help us all deal with our world.' ALSO READ: Paul Annacone: 'Roger Federer continues to wrestle father time' .