Roger Federer reveals his amazing post-career mission

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Roger Federer reveals his amazing post-career mission

Roger Federer had an interesting interview with Vanity Fair's Italian edition, in his capacity as a promoter for Barilla. When asked about his motivation, Federer said, 'My motivation comes from my passion for the game itself.

I still like to train and work to innovate my game. I have had the great opportunity to play in so many different places and in the most important sporting arenas: it's a feeling that I love and that I hope to be able to try for a long time, still.

And then there is my team, my family and fans. Their support is incredible and it definitely pushed me to keep going, beyond the age of 30.' Federer also continued, 'You have to look beyond losses. A tennis player has to face a lot of them through his career, so you learn to build something around it, [by] taking motivation from it to improve.

Our sport offers us a lot of chances to try again. It makes no sense to get down too much for a loss, in life, there is always an opportunity to do better. This is a big lesson, one of the aspects in tennis that I love the most.' About his eating choices, Federer elaborated, 'I try to eat in a balanced way and try to experiment different foods on days I don't have to play in.

I am a lover of Italian, Japanese and Indian restaurants, while in winter I like fonduta and raclette a lot. Two hours before every match, I eat a pasta plate with light sauce, and I don't say this only because now I am in the Barilla campaign.

I have been doing it for 20 years, that's why this partnership is real.' When asked about a special person he would like to meet, Federer said, 'If I had a time machine, I would like to head to the court against Bjorn Borg, he was such an elegant and complete player from the back of the court.

He was my captain in 2017, during the inaugural Laver Cup. He was super, we spoke a lot and he told me about how tennis was at his time.' About him being the best-ever tennis player, Federer stated, 'Yeah, but I do not want to be remembered only for my wins.

Hopefully, in the future, people will think about me as a good ambassador for tennis, my country and my family outside the court too. I would like to help develop the spirit of the sport also in places where tennis is not [developed].

Sharing the beauty of it with people who didn't know about it before is something that makes me happy.' ALSO READ: Robert Federer: 'No. 1 spot is probably THE milestone of Roger's career'