Roger Federer: 'I am a clay-court player'

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Roger Federer: 'I am a clay-court player'

Roger Federer will decide about playing the clay season only after Indian Wells. In his press conference after Match for Africa 5, Federer gave some interesting insights on his relationship with clay: 'I am a clay-court player, essentially. I grew up on clay.

I played even indoors on clay, that was my court in the winter. I was enjoying playing on clay, at the beginning on the Tour it was hard because I lost my first eleven (matches) and then at the French Open it took time to win, and then people thought, He doesn't like clay.

Maybe because on the others (surfaces) results came easier and faster.' He also commented, 'Over time, because you have more success on hard, grass, indoors, you also start to make your schedule a little bit more around that.

I think I am a good clay-court player but there are many many better players than me. I tried everything, I won a lot of Masters 1000 on clay, also the French Open, I came very close. I am really happy with my clay-court career, to be honest.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer promotes the new Air Max RF 95 shoes!