Roger Federer to take a detour in April - Here is where

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Roger Federer to take a detour in April - Here is where

Roger Federer gave some new hints about his clay-season schedule. The Swiss player gets asked about playing the clay season very often, but he still hasn't made a decision. In the press conference after his win over Federico Delbonis, Federer has cleared that he will take rest, following his participation in Indian Wells and Miami.

'I probably won't play in the very beginning, in Monaco,' said Federer, who last played there in 2016. 'Also, I have a Foundation trip I'm doing at that time (in Zambia), so I'm planning that a little bit.

The rest, I said I will decide after Miami to then decide what I will play if I do play the clay court after that.' Federer also praised Venus and Serena Williams: 'Longevity and dominance.

They showed that. They had a massive arrival on the scene, a lot of buzz around them, and they lived up to the hype. Came out and crushed it. From the very beginning, they were very interesting to follow. I think they hardly played any juniors, really, which made it more of a mystery, because you just didn’t know exactly what to expect from them.

And coming from being coached by their dad. I mean, it’s an incredibly fascinating story. For many years we were worried that they were going to check out early with sickness or injuries. We weren’t sure if they’re going to play as long as we hoped them to play.

And here we are. They are both over 35, 36, and still basically playing at the top. Serena being a mum now, Venus overcame a lot of also difficult situations and still playing. Being older again than Serena, myself, it’s wonderful to see and I’m very happy for them, especially now watching Serena’s comeback since the baby.

I think that’s going to be a huge story, maybe the story of the year.' Federer is seeking his sixth title in Indian Wells, where he is the defending winner. ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'I am disappointed by Rafael Nadal's withdrawal' .