Lewis Hamilton: 'I always come back to talking about Roger Federer'

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Lewis Hamilton: 'I always come back to talking about Roger Federer'

Lewis Hamilton has often stressed that for him Roger Federer is a great inspiration. And in a recent interview, the British F1 driver repeated it again. 'I always come back to talking about Roger Federer, but he’s a great example,' Hamilton said.

'He has managed to become the world no. 1 again. He is a happy family man, he is very wealthy, but still, he has this tremendous inner drive to reach new heights. Maybe that’s really a sign of greatness.' Hamilton also has Billy Monger as inspiration: 'For me, Billy is a shining star.

Everyone knows that he has been through difficult times. But how he copes with that is very inspiring for me. He is very mature for his age, I can only marvel at his attitude, absolutely exemplary. His family can be very proud of him.

This year he [Billy] starts F3 and has given me some details on his race car. Billy reminds me a lot of Alex Zanardi, whom I also look up to. Zanardi is a fabulous athlete, a very strong personality. Despite his setback, he has returned to the competition stage and now has, how many were? Half-a-dozen Olympic medals won.

Billy knows exactly what Alex has achieved in his career. He has a great future ahead of him and knows that he receives a lot of support. I am very happy that he is racing again.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'I am disappointed by Rafael Nadal's withdrawal' .