James Blake: 'It's fun to watch Roger Federer'

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James Blake: 'It's fun to watch Roger Federer'

James Blake is on the verge of making his debut as the Miami Open tournament director. The former world no. 4 is in Indian Wells this week where the first Masters 1000 of the season is taking place, and he will soon move to Florida to make sure all the preparations are coming about as required.

Interviewed by the BNP Paribas Open website, he spoke about the changes to the sport in the last few years. 'Every sport gets bigger, faster, stronger. The technology gets better. You see it so much in golf. You see it in football, the 40 times getting faster, the bench press is getting bigger.

In tennis, it’s the same thing – guys are getting bigger, stronger, faster, and you’ve got technology advancing,' said Blake. Speaking about Roger Federer, Blake added, 'It’s also one of the most amazing things about Roger (Federer), that he’s been able to bridge so much of that and still stay healthy, stay relevant, stay on top.

It’s really a credit to him. He’s been doing this for 20 years. It’s fun to watch. I’ll never be one of those commentators who says, ‘Oh, I would have beaten this guy.’ No, the guys on tour now are way better than me.

They keep getting better and better. I love seeing the advancement. At some point, it may be time to start reeling it in. With tennis, is it time to start figuring a way to slow things down a little bit, change the court, get more variety in the court speeds? It's possible to dominate on every surface than it used to be.

Those are discussions that will be had by players, by tournaments in the future.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'I am disappointed by Rafael Nadal's withdrawal' .