Roger Federer: 'I am enjoying the ride, retirement can wait'

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Roger Federer: 'I am enjoying the ride, retirement can wait'

One of the best things about Roger Federer is the attitude he shows after tough losses. Both on the court and during his press meet thereafter. On Sunday, after his loss in the Indian Wells final to Juan Martin del Potro, the world no. 1 gave one more display of this attitude as he tackled the media post the match. 

When asked about his self-belief and him being an inspiration, Federer said, 'I think staying positive through the tough moments is really key. Because you're always going to go through ups and downs in your career, or as a person for that matter. It's sometimes a bit of a struggle and important that you take the right decisions; you surround yourself with the right people; you're happy with what you have. Of course, you can always try to want more and have more and everything, but you might never be happy when you search for things like this. I have been content for a long, long time on the tour. I guess ever since I became world No. 1 back in 2004 and won Wimbledon in 2003, my life was complete as a tennis player. Those were my dreams as a little kid. So that's why retirement can wait, and I'm just really enjoying the ride. Yeah, I'm really having a good time on the tour. And I think by having had problems of my own in 2016, people like to see the easy part, how I make it look easy. It's not always like that. For nobody, it's like that at the top. Yeah, it's a good story. When I can inspire and motivate people through my story, that's obviously a great thing.'

Reflecting on the time he was forced to spend away from the sport, Federer noted, 'I think I appreciate the guys who have been hurt more, because I was in that position now. Because that's the part I didn't quite understand. When guys had to do surgery and rehab what you go through, you can't put yourself into their position if you've never had it. So I think I definitely have big appreciations what you go through when you are hurt.'

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