Roger Federer can win Roland Garros, says tournament director

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Roger Federer can win Roland Garros, says tournament director

French fans, especially those in Paris, haven't given up hope of watching Roger Federer play in their country, at the French Open. The Swiss, however, is yet to take a call on playing the clay season this year after having missed the second Grand Slam of the year in 2016 (with injury) and in 2017 (to not put pressure on his body).

Interviewed by RMC Sport, the French Open tournament director Guy Forget talked about Federer skipping the tournament eventually. ´I think that he gave us the impression of being fully fit physically,´ Forget said.

´We will respect any decision. I think that it was never seen in history that a world no. 1 doesn´t play a Grand Slam (without being injured). I personally think that he is fully capable of reaching the Roland Garros final, and even winning it.

There is Rafael Nadal, and all the other players of the Tour, (but) Roger has already beat them on clay. Seeing him evolve on the court, they say that he plays as well as two years ago. It will be his decision.

What´s sure is that who will lift the trophy will be two immense champions.´ ALSO READ: Simona Halep: ´Serena Williams should have been the no.

1 seed here´ .